Flowers Delivery Price list in Jekabpils. View in list here.

You are Welcome. Here are a price list of fresh flowers, gifts delivery in Jekabpils. We have a cheapest delivery in Latvia. Fresh flowers and happy recipients every day. You can use "Ctrl+F" by cities or use our contact form. We'll answer in few minutes.


Flower delivery Aknīstes novadā
€ 30.00
Flower delivery Jēkabpils
€ 0.00
Flower delivery Jēkabpils novadā
€ 17.00
Flower delivery Krustpils novadā
€ 15.00
Flower delivery Neretas novadā
€ 25.00
Flower delivery Pļaviņas
€ 9.00
Flower delivery Pļaviņu novadā
€ 17.00
Flower delivery Salā
€ 3.00
Flower delivery Salas novadā
€ 9.00
Flower delivery Viesītes novadā
€ 25.00
€ 0
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€ 0
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